Planning the Garden


A Zinnia flower from last year’s garden

It’s that time of year again!  Time to start dreaming about what you want to plant in the garden!  I have a few small raised beds by the house that I’ve unsuccessfully tried to grow vegetables in. I say unsuccessful because any veggie that I plant in them is doomed once the free-ranging geese and chickens discover them.  What I  really need is a fence, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon!  This year I plan on filling them with annual flowers.  Hopefully, the birds will be able to control themselves.  I’ll find another place to grow my veggies far away from roaming fowl.


Purple Kohlrabi that had to be grown far away from my feathered friends.

When thinking of the seeds that I want to buy, a vision of the ultimate cottage garden comes to mind!  I love heirloom gardens! The old varieties, of course, have that nostalgic charm, I mean, who wouldn’t want to gaze out at their marigolds and fondly remember their Grandmother!  There’s a reason they’ve hung around all of these years!  The flowers may be simpler in some cases, but they make up for it in vigour and sometimes scent!

This year’s top ten dream list includes the following:

1. Marigolds.  Always and forever!!  Their bright and cheery faces make my day and they do indeed remind me of my Grandmother! They last a long time in fresh cut bouquets too!  I also like their pungent scent. I can’t be the only one, right? How about you?

2. Zinnias. So many luscious colors!!! Total eye candy and they also last quite a while as a cut flower! What’s not to love?

3. Nasturtium.  Edible flowers that attract hummingbirds? Yes, please!  They really do brighten up a salad, so if you haven’t tried them yet, I highly suggest it!

4. Cosmos. Bright, delicate, and lovely.  I have a small patch that has reseeded itself two years in a row.  No small feat here in the frigid Adirondacks! Fingers crossed that they come back this year!

5. Celosia or cock’s comb.  Now this one is one that I SAY I’ll grow every year, but always forget to buy the seeds!  The flowers are unusual, they dry very well and hold their color for everlasting bouquets.

6. Bachelor’s Button.  Lovely shades of blue that are hard to find in nature!

7. Calendula. Another edible flower to throw into your salads!  They say you can also use it in soups, but I’ve yet to try that.

8. Snapdragons. The taller, the better! Colorful and creates lovely structure in bouquets!

9. Pansies or Viola.  Edible flower in many shades of loveliness!  They tend to die off when the hot weather sets in, but they are a most welcome sight for sore eyes in the early spring.  If you’re lucky you get a few stubborn ones that will continue to flower even in the snow (that is until the temps REALLY plummet)!

10. Last, but not least, Dianthus.  Clove scented heaven!  Great in bouquets and another beloved flower for hummingbirds and butterflies.


This annual poppy reseeds itself year after year!

So there you have it!  Of course, there are sooooo many more flowers that I want to grow!  In time, I hope to add to my garden space around the house and then I’m going hog wild!  Flowers everywhere!  Until then, this small selection will do just nicely!

What about you? What are you most excited to grow this year? Leave a comment!

Happy growing!


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