Sunday Thoughts: February 19, 2017


“Winer Barn”

I’m hoping to make a habit out of this blog thing!  It’s easy to fall away from it when life sweeps you away, but I feel like it is a good creative outlet that I can’t ignore any longer!  So Sundays are for blog posts!  Observations of the week! This week: change in the air….literally!

Today was the most glorious of spring days, except it’s February and this is the North Country!  We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground here, enough to make you burst out in a sweat when trying to walk through it.  Today, however, it did not radiate its usual cold up back at me on my morning dog walk.  No, the sun was shining and I could feel a distinct difference in the way it felt on my face.  It was warm & inviting.  It felt close.  So much different from just two weeks ago!


“Snow Path”

The dogs had a jolly time romping through the snow and soaking up the sun, stopping periodically to make “snow angels”.  An activity they relish in!  Soon it will be exchanged with rolling in mud puddles, much to my chagrin.  Yes, those snowy pathways will soon be replaced with lush greenness & spring flowers.  I will revel in it with every bit of my soul!   As mentioned in other blog posts, it’s no secret that I’m not a winter person.  I appreciate the changing seasons and get much delight out of walks with snow falling gently and quietly around me.  It is dreamy to be out walking with the dogs and camera in a winter wonderland, but I will not mourn it once it is gone.  It’s never gone for long up here anyway!


“Dew Kissed”

There is much to be thankful for in life. The small things, when counted and appreciated, form one big mass of light that creeps deep into the soul!  For example: As I sit here writing this, my cat is skitter-bugging around the floor chasing something invisible. I’m thankful for this moment.  It’s small, but she brings me joy and that’s definitely something to observe and be grateful for!   Take some time to give thanks to even the tiniest things (especially when you’re having a hard day) and I promise your soul will thank you.

So there is this week in a nutshell!  Warmth!  Sunshine! Change in the feeling in the air!  Gratefulness!  All exciting things to let soak into our winter-weary bodies.


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