Food Photography from the Studio

Today as I gaze out of my snowy window, I keep my mind fixed on the arrival of spring.  Currently, a winter storm rages outside with the possibility 16 inches of snow. It’s hard to believe we only have 5 and a half weeks left until spring!  My creative mind is racing with the promise of delicate lilac flowers wafting their scent through the yard. Oh, that smell!  I’m filled with visions of apple blossoms blowing in the wind, raining down their petals, and covering the ground much like this snow that’s happening now.  But!  I must digress!  The subject at hand is space!  I have a lovely studio space within my home, but with all of the props that I’m hoarding, I’d like to move this space out of the house!


Book and Flowers

This is where all that spring dreaming comes in handy!  Amidst the thoughts of misty rain, fresh air, and daffodils is the urge to convert an old granary on the farm to a new studio space.  The space is warm and welcoming with wood walls and big old beams above.  It has two little old windows and a big sliding barn door.  Although not huge, I think it will have plenty of room for all that I’d like to achieve.  It will spark new ideas and get the clutter out of my house!  I’ll use it for still life, lifestyle, and food photography.


Misted Lilacs! Oh, spring!!

So stay tuned!  I plan on documenting my progress on the little granary!  I can’t wait to start sharing new photography that I’ve taken there once it all gets organized!  Now until it warms up out there so I can start working on it, I need to finish some sewing projects, start some art projects, and get the last of my seed orders in!  Onwards to spring!  ♥


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