The Changing of the Guard



As summer hands over the reigns to fall, it is a good time to reflect on the season’s blessings.  Summer brought many changes in my life.  It handed me good times and bad.  It inspired me to reach for new goals.  It inspired me to get off my duff and start practicing yoga!  Something that I now look forward to daily!  Facing fall, I’m filled with both excitement and anxiety.  What kind of things will I accomplish in the coming season?  What lurks around the corner?  I remind myself not to get ahead of today.  Today is filled with its own things to discover, tackle, and be thankful for!  The most important thing is to remember thankfulness, even if the days seem cruel, hard, and long.  The frustrations you may be experiencing today, will be gone soon enough.  Times of joy and times of sadness come in waves.  It’s learning how to navigate in those waves that can be challenging!  The greatest thing that yoga has taught me is to remember to breathe.  Whether you practice yoga or not, I think this is indeed the very best thing you can do for yourself!  It sounds so simple!  Breathe!  I don’t mean breathe, I mean BREATHE!  Deep life-filling-your-body breath and the sweet release of the exhale as you let go of the tension.  It is nourishment for the soul!  I look forward to the changing seasons and also find happiness in today.  Thanks for taking the time to share a moment with me in your day!  Enjoy!


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