My Quiet Place


Quiet Camera 1

I am currently participating in a weekly Instagram challenge called #slowdownwithstills that is the creation of the fantastically talented photographer Christina Greve.  I’ve decided that I’m so inspired by this lovely project that I’ve taken to the much neglected blog to talk about it!  This week’s theme is “My Quiet Place”.  I’ve spent some time reflecting on the meaning of this wonderful theme.  I live in a peaceful & quiet corner of the world, surrounded by farms and mountains.  The daily quiet that I get to take in leaves me truly grateful for such a blessing.  So what about inner quiet?  Ah-ha!  That’s not always as easy to achieve!

camera3   “Quiet Camera 2”

So I considered things in my life that bring me inner quiet and complete joy!  First and foremost, creating art of any kind!  Whether it be at the sewing machine, with paint and canvas, gardening, or photography, creating puts the mind at ease.  Let’s talk photography!  There’s something special about being behind the lens.  When I’m there my mind focuses totally on the subject at hand. I breathe slowly and anticipate the click of the shutter. It’s blissful really. It’s my true quiet place.


“Quiet Camera 3”

Another guaranteed to quiet the mind activity is looking through my vintage photograph collection.  It’s like peering into another world.  To see how people dressed and lived in another time is all enthralling to me.  Their farms, their houses, and their very surroundings conjure up stories of what it might have been like when life was much simpler.  I could ponder for hours!  It reminds one of just how important photography is as a way of preserving our past and our present. It all comes back to the photography!  🙂


“Quiet Camera 4”

So in conclusion, I think I’ll like this little weekly challenge!  Perhaps it will challenge me in more ways than just creating still life.  It’s already inspired me to dust off my blog!



“Quiet Camera 5”